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Women’s Self Defense

Women’s Self Defense in Ellsworth, Maine

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Are you interested in learning women’s self defense in Ellsworth, Maine? Check out the course that is available at Crossfit Breakwater in Ellsworth. No woman ever wants to be in a dangerous situation. However, sometimes danger can lurk around the next corner. That is why we offer an excellent women’s self defense class that will teach you these life saving skills. Learn the latest techniques that will help you escape a variety of dangerous situations. Call 207-454-6028 to register or for more information. You can also reach out online.

Preparing You for the Dangers that Could Come Your Way

Ladies, did you know that women ages 18-24 are at elevated risk experiencing sexual assault and rape? On average, 26 percent of female students will experience some form of sexual violence. Half of those incidents will occur during the first few months of their first semester. Do not allow yourself to become a victim of these crimes. If you are going to college, we offer an important tool to help protect yourself.

Join us for our women’s self defense class, which will help prepare you and keep you from being a statistic. You will learn the latest and best possible techniques from Dr. Casey Johnston, PT DPT and assistant Patricia Schimpf. These classes are held at Crossfit Breakwater, located at 248 State Street in Ellsworth. This class is offered in connection with the Kino Strong Company.

Make Yourself the Wrong Target of Possible Criminals

Tricia learned from a young age that it is of the utmost importance to be confident and aware. She started training in boxing and kickboxing in 2012. She also started training in self defense and citizen protection with Maine State Troopers. It taught her valuable, life saving information about situational awareness, layered defenses, and physical techniques to protect herself and survive.

She has made it a mission in life to help women like her by educating and empowering them, too. She wants to help any other woman who wants to learn self defense. Let Tricia show you the importance of thinking defensively. She believes that if you are likely to be a target, you should prepare to be the WRONG target! Let her help prepare you to be that wrong target if the time comes.

Give Yourself the Confidence to Stand Up for Yourself When Needed

Make sure when trouble strikes that you are ready to fight back. Our instructors are passionate about sharing what they have learned about self defense. The cost for the course is $200. Make sure you bring your student ID and laptop. Remember that space is limited. Reserve your spot today by calling Crossfit Breakwater at 207-454-6028.

Learn women’s self defense in Ellsworth, Maine, from trained instructors.